Essay on a scene at a railway station

A railway station is always full of hustle and bustle. There, the people of every nook and corner of the country can be seen in their native dresses.

Yesterday, I went to Delhi Railway Station to see off my further. He is an army officer. He was going to Jammu. There was a great rush at the booking office. While I was standing in a queue, someone picked my pocket. I caught him red-handed and handed him over to the police.

Then, I bought a ticket for my father. Soon we reached the platform. The passengers were waiting for the train. Some were walking up and down the platform. A few persons were sitting on the benches. The coolies in red uniforms were sitting in a line. They were waiting for the train. The scene was very lovely. There was a great rush.

After some time, the train reached the platform. There was great pushing. Many passengers got down and many more got in. The railway vendors had a good trade. They were hawking chaigaram, pan bidi cigarette, lemon soda barf, etc. The small children were crying due to a heavy rush. I got a seat near the window.

After some time, the guard blew the whistle and waved the green flag. The trains started. Those who had come to see off their relatives and friends left for their houses.

Once again, the platform looked deserted. I also came back from there.

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Essay on a scene at a railway station PDF

Essay on a scene at a railway station
Essay on a scene at a railway station (235 downloads)

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