Essay on A Cricket Match

Games are very important forces. They keep our body and mind healthy. There are different kinds of games. Cricket is one of them.

Cricket is the national game of England. Every year the Board of Control organises test matches on an international basis. These matches promote friendly relations and co-operation.

In December last a cricket match was played in Delhi between our school team and Gandhi Memorial School team. It was played at the Kotla Stadium. I too went to see it. The tickets were sold out well. There was a great rush in the stadium.

On the fixed day the match started at ten. The captain of Gandhi Memorial School won the toss and chose to bat first. The umpires took their positions. The opening batsmen of the Gandhi Memorial Team played steadily. They went on piling up the score. The spinners and fast bowlers at our school tried hard to dislodge them. They bowled many maiden overs. The batsman hit fours and continued scoring fast. In the first inning, they were all out for 365 runs.

The team of our school did not farewell. Its first innings score was only 222 for all out. The bowlers of the other team caused havoc. Our batsman could not stand their onslaught and their wickets fell fast. They were given a ‘follow-on’. But they could not make up the difference and lost the match by one innings and runs.

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Essay on A Cricket Match PDF

Essay on A Cricket Match
Essay on A Cricket Match (1909 downloads)

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