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Electronic Mail writing (e-Mail)

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An e-mail is the modern version of a letter/ postcard. It is one of the fastest known mediums of communication in the present time. Just like a letter, an e-mail too can be of two types, viz. formal e-mail or informal e-mail.

While writing an e-mail, REMEMBER :

  1. Follow the proper format as provided in the question.
  2. The subject mentioned must be short, precise and effective.
  3. The body is alike a letter, so start with the salutation and proceed to the introductory paragraph followed by descriptive and finally concluding paragraph for format e-mail. The language must be grammatically correct without repetition of the same vocabulary and sentences. Write sentences in the third person.
  4. Person e-mail can be kept very limited or detailed on your word limit and thought conveyance. Use of first-person accounts to provide a personal touch is suggested.
  5. Word limit must be honoured.

Formal mail

You recently purchased a colour television set of ABC brand from Shri Raj Electronics. The set has developed several problems and is malfunctioning. Write an e-mail to the Sales and Service Manager of Shri Raj Electronics, Faridabad, asking him to get the set rectified or replaced. You’re Seema Batra.

Answer: Formal Electronic Email

Formal Electronic mail Questions

Question 1

You”re Rajiv. Write an e-mail to the General Manager of United Parcels and Courier, Navi Mumbai, complaining about the misplaced parcel packet of yours. Quote Your P.O.d. No.as UPC/DL/0102/20xx, dated 6April, 20xx.

Question 2

Write an e-mail to the Course Coordinator of Fun Activities Pvt.Ltd., Rishikesh, inquiring about the details of all the adventure activities conducted by them during summer vacation. Invent the necessary details. You’re Mohit/ Mohita Advani, Secretary. Adventure club of ABC Public School, New Delhi.

Question 3

Write an e-mail to your school science Teacher, asking her guidelines for the science project she has asked you to complete during your summer vacation. You’re Niharika Sethi from Chandigarh.

Question 4

You’re Ashima Virmani, resident of A block, PreetVihar, New Delhi. Draft an e-mail to the Deputy Commissioner of MCD, East Zone, Delhi, asking him to help your area resident from the continuous menace of a stray animals, particularly dogs, and monkeys.

Informal mail

Write an e-mail to your brother, Sunil injuring if he would be able to join the rest of the family in the forthcoming wedding of a cousin. You’re Smriti. Invent other required details.

Answer:Informal Electronic Email

Informal Electronic mail Questions

Question 1

Write an e-mail to your elder sister, Ruchika, sharing your thought on your prospective career option. You”re Abhimanyu.

Question 2

Write an e-mail to your Aunt who lives in Pune. Thank her for organising a wonderful New year party during winter, every year, for all the relatives.

Question 3

Your friend, Saksham, and you are working on the same Social Science Project as you two are team, made by subject teacher. Write an e-mail to him, discussing the progress made by you on the topic and also share information collected by you.

Question 4

Write an e-mail to your father, asking for his well-being and his return plan from his overseas business trip. Sign yourself as Preet/Preeti.

Question 5

Your cousin is going to eat a marriage cake shortly. Write an e-mail to her, congratulating her on the same.

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