Diary entry for class 9

Definition: Diary entry is a personal note, a way of keeping a record of what happened or what you felt. People make entries about their day’s activities, opinions, or experiences in their diaries.

In this age of blogs and social media postings, diaries still are in trend. A diary is a friend, a confidant, and a comforter during a challenging period. Diary becomes your closest friend as it allows you to be completely honest and doesn’t disclose your feelings to others. It has been provided research that writing about feelings honestly helps the brain record your emotions, both positive and negative.

How to write a diary entry in 6 stepshow to write a diary in 6 steps

  1. Mention the day, date, and team on the top left-hand side.
  2. Write the diary in first-person sharing your personal experience.
  3. Try to write in a realistic way as you are not writing to impress anybody else. It is meant to nurture your creativity. It helps you to give an outlet to such feelings which you are not able to confide in your friends or family.
  4. Begin the entry with a general sentence describing the day or momentary feelings. Discuss the events and your feelings in the body. Conclude with the final remark and future course of action.
  5. Mention the writer’s name in the need, on the left-hand side.
  6. Use simple past, present perfect, and future tense according to the description of the event.

Diary entry format 

This is the format of diary entry for class 9. 

Day, Date


Salutation (Dear Diary)





Signature/ Name of The writer

Diary entry for class 9

Diary entry Example for class 9

Diary entry on independence day

Here is an example of a diary entry for class 9

Today you celebrate independence Day at your school. But you are not satisfied with the attitude of people towards freedom. They consider that they are free to spoil the country and solidify its image. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings. 

Friday 15th August, 20xx

10.00 p.m.

Dear Diary

Today I’m just pandering over the condition of India. We are about to complete 70 years of independence. But where have we reached? Every year we commemorate the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters on this pious national festival, wave flags, sing patriotic songs and show off our patriotism by posting patriotic images on social media, and the very next day we discard those flags in the drains. When I see the heaps of garbage everywhere, small kids working as child laborers, people dying because of lack of food or medical treatment, discrimination against women, I feel ashamed of myself. Is it what we wanted?

Actually, we are taking our freedom for granted. We have lots of expectations from our country but we forget about our duties. We need to develop a sense of belongingness. Patriotism should be displayed in our acts rather than in profile photos. Today I’ve decided that I will give my contribution to the development of my motherland. Even small actions count. I will teach the poor kids in my neighborhood. I charge of cleanliness monitor in class. I know, I’ll be teased for it too. But I won’t get annoyed. Someday, others will also follow me. If every person takes it as a challenge, no one can stop India from being a superpower. Don’t agree with me?


Diary entry for class 9

Some topics for diary entry for class 9

Here you have some topics  or worksheets for class 9 

  • You saved a bird by giving it first aid. Now the birds are out of danger. Write a diary entry expressing your feelings in about 100-200 words.
  • Today you woke up late, reached school very late a got badly scolded. Write a diary entry describing how you felt and what will you do in the future to avoid such conditions.
  • You went to the ‘Kingdom of Dreams for the first time. It was a marvelous experience. Share it with your diary describing what you saw and how you enjoyed it there with your friends.

Diary entry pdf

Diary entry for class 9
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