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Articles are the words that are used to identify the nouns as specific or unspecific. It can be called adjectives of the noun because articles modify the nature of nouns.

There are three types of articles that are used immensely in our daily life that are a, an, and the.

Let us understand the articles through a small passage that will provide you a basic understanding of articles and help you in building your concepts.

Use of Article in Passage/Paragraph

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ram. He was eleven years old but he was an intelligent boy, so his parents decided to give him the best platform for education so that he can enhance his skills and create opportunities for himself. Ram was admitted to the world-class school through an entrance exam that was held for the admission of the children. He achieved a milestone by getting the highest marks in school and became the school topper. Ram was sponsored by one of the best IT companies for higher studies abroad. His interest in technology took him to a world-class institute and he completed his degree four years in computer science and decided to work for the organization that sponsored him and later on he has plans of starting his own startup and create job opportunities for the people who are skilled and deserve the opportunities but not have the platform to prove themselves.

He started his own company and achieved great success in his career and helped the children by providing the right guidance in their career and provide some ideas and his own experience to help them in achieving their goals. Ram had organized many contests for searching the talent all over the world and provide them the best platform to show their skills and prove them in front of the world. He always tries to help the children who are lack resources and unable to pay the fees but having the potential to learn something that’s why he is now one of the respectful and richest men in the world.

Types of articles in English Grammar for class 6

Articles are divided into two categories that are:

  1. Indefinite articles
  2. Definite articles

1. Indefinite articles

The indefinite article is used before the noun where the identity of the noun is unspecific or not known. The two articles that fall in the category of the indefinite articles are a, an.

A‘ is used before the singular noun and starting with the consonant sound, on the other hand ‘An‘ is used before the singular noun but beginning with the vowel sound.

Articles Examples for Class 6:

  1. Radha is an intelligent girl.
  2. I am a software engineer.
  3. Pass me a glass of water.
  4. We are searching for an apartment in Mumbai.
  5. We should eat an apple every day.
  6. He is coming back in an hour.
  7. I have been selected for a good job.
  8. Rohan wants to become a singer.
  9. An elephant has a very sharp memory.
  10. A University in Europe has the biggest campus in the world.

Worksheet/Exercise on indefinite articles for class 6

Let us revise the indefinite articles with an interesting worksheet. Insert the indefinite article at appropriate places.

  1. Can I have a chat with you for moment?
  2. He started going for music class when she was four.
  3. I met African at the airport.
  4. The Yamuna is very long river.
  5. I ate egg last night.
  6. He saw big monkey on the tree.
  7. Rohan is wearing red shirt.
  8. I met old man in the street.
  9. Do you want cup of tea?
  10. Please give idea for the project.


  1. Can I have a chat with you for a moment?
  2. X (No article)
  3. I met an African at the airport.
  4. The Yamuna is a very long river.
  5. I ate an egg last night.
  6. He saw a big monkey on the tree.
  7. Rohan is wearing a red shirt.
  8. I met an old man in the street.
  9. Do you want a cup of tea?
  10. Please give an idea for the project.

2. Definite articles

A definite article is used before the noun when the identity of the noun is specific and known. ‘The is termed a definite article. It can be used before the singular as well as a plural noun.

Definite Articles Examples for Class 6:

  1. The Taj Mahal is very beautiful.
  2. We are going to the market to buy new clothes.
  3. I loved the book that you gave me.
  4. I want to make a tour of the world.
  5. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google.
  6. My father was born in the late seventies.
  7. Where is the green room to change?
  8. The sun rises from the east.
  9. The red bike is mine.
  10. The thief has been caught by the police.

Worksheet/Exercise on definite article for class 6:

Let us revise definite article by the following exercise. Find out an error and correct it where required.

  1. A students of class sixth are very disciplined.
  2. The sun sets in a west.
  3. A water of this river is pure.
  4. What is an plan for tonight?
  5. A mangoes are very tasty.
  6. Ravi is going to represent an India.
  7. A Taj Mahal is located in Agra.
  8. An Parliament house is in Delhi.
  9. When will your father leave for an England?
  10. Neil Armstrong was a first man to land on the moon.


  1. The students
  2. the west
  3. The water
  4. The plan
  5. The mangoes
  6. the India
  7. The Taj Mahal
  8. The Parliament house
  9. the England
  10. the first

Worksheet or Exercise

Let us revise all the things that are being learnt and practice them to take command over them.

Miscellaneous Exercise: All types of Articles for Class 6 Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with an appropriate article:

  1. _____ Qutub Minar is situated in Delhi.
  2. Rohan is _____ best performer in the class.
  3. Kailash Satyarthi has won _____ noble prize.
  4. I met _____ girl in the mall.
  5. Rahul returned from office after _____ hour.
  6. There is _____ institute for the children who are physically challenged.
  7. Rohan is _____ student in IIT.
  8. What _____ beautiful voice?
  9.  Sonam is sitting in _____ library.
  10. Rahul is _____ artist.


  1. The
  2. A
  3. The
  4. A
  5. An
  6. An
  7. A
  8. A
  9. The
  10. An

A, an, the, Quiz of articles for class 6

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Articles for class 6
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