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Hello readers, Welcome back to Performdigi, In this article, we are going to discuss the topic “articles” for class 7 we have discussed in detail, we have also some questions regarding the article with answers. using the worksheet you can enrich your knowledge of English grammar articles for class 7. we have designed this article in such a way if read thoroughly, you can answer all the questions given below and you will better understand the use of articles. Let’s dive in without any further ado.

Definition of the article for class 7th-  the words a, an and the are articles. 

There are two types of articles:

  1. Indefinite articles (a & an)
  2. The definite article (the)

Difference between indefinite and definite articles:

Indefinite articles( a & an)– it does not point to a particular person, an animal, place to thing.

The definite article (the)– does point out a particular name, place, animal, or thing.

Uses of the indefinite article 

  1. Indefinite articles a and an are used before countable nouns.
  2. An is used before vowels (a,e,i,o,u)

For example

  1. a bat
  2. a glass
  3. a man
  4. a hat
  5. a place
  6. an elephant
  7. an apple
  8. an engine
  9. an organ
  10. an office

2. a and an are used according to the sound of the noun. We use a when we have a consonant noun before we place the article

For example

  1.  a house
  2. a matchstick
  3. a gate
  4. a wall
  5. a window
  6. a shoe
  7. a cup of coffee
  8. a table
  9. a bag
  10. a question

3. There are some exceptions of nouns that start with a vowel but we put an in front of them as an articles

For example

  1. a union
  2. a university
  3. a one-rupee note
  4. a European
  5. a one-eyed person

The words like union, university, European start with vowels e and u but they have a sound of you in them, the sound of you is considered to be a consonant sound, this is the reason we used an in front of them.

The words like a one-eyed person and one-rupee note have o which is a vowel in front of them, but we still used an article before them because it has a sound of woo. Woo is considered as a consonant so we use an in front of them.

4. There are few exceptions, we used a for some uncountable nouns as well.

For Example 

  1. Nami caught a cold
  2. Don’t make noise students
  3. What a pity Ron, after five years
5. An article is used for countable nouns which consist of vowels (a,e, I,o,u) 

For example 

  1. an egg
  2. an Oestrich
  3. an envelope
  4. an umbrella
  5. an apple
  6. an Orange
  7. an ax
  8. an-ink pot
  9. an uncle
  10. an interesting movie

All the above nouns are singular countable nouns and have a vowel and a vowel sound in them. This is the reason we used an as the article.

6. We used an in front of as well. As of now, it is considered to be in the family of vowels. When we say h, it sounds of a and o, which are articles. Now we an article in front of words which are starting with h. 

For example

  1. an hour
  2. an honorable leader
  3. an honest child
  4. an heir
  5. an herb
7. Indefinite articles  are used for job occupations

For example

  1. an engineer
  2. an architect
  3. an officer
  4. a lawyer
  5. a doctor
8. Use of an and the before adjectives

For example

  1. a beautiful photo
  2. a pretty dress
  3. a unique place
  4. an ugly person
  5. an egg left

Articles assignment for class 7

Fill in the blanks with a and a where ever required.

  1. Riya you were ____ hour late for the class.
  2. ____ food was prepared by my mother.
  3. Please lend me ____ one-rupee note.
  4. The teacher gave him ____ easy question.
  5. The child put ____ egg in ___ basket.
  6. Water is ____ necessity.
  7. Senior citizens are ____ important members of our society.
  8. Today ____  hen laid eggs in the garden.
  9. Rahul was sitting in ____ room when he got ___ idea.
  10. _____ Indian girl and ____ European boy got married last week.


  1. an
  2. none
  3. a
  4. an
  5. a none
  6. a
  7. an
  8. a
  9. a, an
  10. An, a

2. Definite Article

Uses of the definite article

1. When we use a name, place, animal, or thing for the first time, we use an indefinite article. But when the same name, place, animal, or thing, then we use the definite article.

For example 

  1. A ship sank into the ocean. The ship was carrying a thousand people.
  2. We went to a place last night. The place was beautiful.
  3. A cat was crossing the road. The cat was searching for food
  4. A car was passing by. The car was red in color.
  5. A cloth was hanging in the garden. The cloth flew away.

2. We use ‘the‘ when the person or thing is quite obvious.

  1. The boy was running late for the class.
  2. The cab was at the door for you.
  3. The hotel was beautiful.
  4. The house has not been whitewashed for long.
  5. The cat was playing with her toys.

3. It is used before common nouns, which are unique in their own way.

  1. The sky is pink
  2. The earth has life
  3. It is said after a million years the sun will disappear from the galaxy
  4. The Milky Way is so beautiful
  5. There are 7 billion people in the world

4. We use ‘the‘ with superlative degrees

For example 

  1. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world
  2. Ganga is the longest river
  3. The Atlantis is the most expensive hotel
  4. Asia is the largest continent
  5. Lion is the king of the jungle

5.The‘ is used before rivers, mountain ranges, valleys, groups of islands, gulfs, canals, desserts

  1. The Alps
  2. The Yamuna
  3. The Indian Ocean
  4. The Kashmir Valley
  5. The Sahar Desert

6. It is used before the names of well-known buildings.

  1. The leaning tower of Pisa
  2. The Red Fort
  3. The India Gate
  4. The Eiffel Tower
  5. The Gateway of India

7.The‘ is used before holy books

  1. The Bhagwat-Gita
  2. The Bible
  3. The Quran
  4. The Ramayana
  5. The Adi Granth

8. Before the names of countries if it contains the common noun

  1. The United Kingdom
  2. The United States of America
  3. The United States of Emirates

9.  ‘The‘ is used before collective nouns

  1. The cow is worshiped in India
  2. The army went to war today
  3. The class was silence
  4. The bees were collecting nectar
  5. The blind arouse sympathy

10. It is used before ordinals

  1. Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon
  2. Siana Nehwal was the first Indian to win Olympics
  3. Sushmita Sen was the first Indian Miss World
  4. Jack Ma is the first  billionaire  in Asia
  5. The boy in the fifth row was not well

11. ‘The‘ is used before phrases like only, last and next

  1. Please call the next boy
  2. The only way out is to call the police
  3. Mayank is sitting on the last bench

12. Before names of newspaper

  1. The Hindustan Times
  2. The times of India
  3. The New York Times
  4. The Indian Express
  5. The Economic Times

Omission of indefinite and definite articles

  1. We should never use ‘the’ with proper nouns.
  2. We should never use abstract nouns (honesty, beautiful, pretty, silence, guilty).
  3. We should never use ‘the’ with subjects or arts (painting, science, commerce, English, maths).

Exercise for articles class 7

Fill in the blanks with a, an, or the wherever required

  1. ____ solider lost ____ leg in the battle
  2. July is ___ seventh month of ____ year
  3. ____ fire broke out in a one-strayed house in Mumbai. ____  cost was estimated in thousands
  4. It was ____ proudest moment when India won the World Cup after 46 years
  5. That is ____ only building without water supply
  6. ____ Bible is the holy book belonging to ____ Christians
  7. ____ is the best policy
  8. ____ Emirates airlines have produced a very ____ useful service to its passengers
  9. Hindi is spoken by ____ Hindus
  10. ___ Pari is the most intelligent girl in ___ class.


  1. a none
  2. the the
  3. none, the
  4. the
  5. the
  6. Then, the
  7. none
  8. the none
  9. the
  10. none, the

Worksheet of articles for class 7th

Explain whether the sentences given below are correct. If it needs any changes to do the needful. 

  1. She is the Indian
  2. Do you like to have tea?
  3. Science is the interesting subject
  4. I want to drive that car
  5. She eats the orange every day
  6. I need some juice
  7. Who is this girl?
  8. Riya has got a new laptop, but it’s not windows
  9. Can I take admission into a university after completing high school?
  10. All the students have arrived at a decision


  1. Instead of ‘the’ write ‘an’
  2. correct
  3. instead of ‘the’ write ‘an’
  4. correct
  5. instead ‘the’ write ‘an’
  6. correct
  7. correct
  8. before ‘new laptop’ add ‘a’
  9. Instead of ‘an’ write ‘a’
  10. instead of ‘an’ write ‘a’


If you want to download a pdf of English Grammar Class 7  Articles click on the link given below.

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Articles for class 7

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