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Hello kids, We are going to learn Adjective for class 8. What is an adjective Definition, Example, and Exercise For class 8? Here we have given CBSE English Grammar adjective for class 8.

Adjectives for class 8 Cbse with Definition, Example, and Exercise.

What is an adjective?

Definition: Adjectives are words that describe or give additional information about nouns and pronouns. Several terms can describe the nature of nouns and pronouns. We call such words Adjectives. Adjectives help you to raised advanced vocabulary. An adjective often comes before a noun and sometimes an adjective comes after a verb.

An adjective can tell numbers, size, taste, color, shape, weather, texture, feelings.

Examples of Adjectives For Class 8

  1. This choco truffle cake is delicious.
  2. Nitin has blue eyes.
  3. Ribi looks gorgeous today.
  4. My brother always wears colorful shoes.
  5. Vishal is a kind man.

Types of Adjectives for Class 8

  1. Adjectives of Quality
  2. Adjectives of Quantity
  3. Adjectives of Numbers
  4. Adjectives of Demonstrative
  5. Adjectives of Interrogatives
  6. Adjectives of Possessive

1. Adjectives of Quality

Adjectives of quality are used to define the variety of nouns or quality of a noun or pronoun. Adjectives of quality help to find the nature of a noun. Adjectives of quality give an opinion about the qualities of the noun by attaching more major information about color, size, good, smart, loud, wild, and by responding to the question “what kind” or explain further.

Examples of Adjectives of quality:

  1. kajal has long nails.
  2. Shivani has one girl and she is so talented.
  3. The clever fox defeated the tiger.
  4. Ankit is smart enough to deal with customers.
  5.  Our society security guard is an honest man.

2. Adjectives of the quantity

Adjectives of quantity notify us about how much of the thing is there are used for the uncountable noun. Adjectives of the quantity are managed to define the quantity of something that can’t be countable. These words represent a noun’s quantity. These types of adjectives answer the question like How much?  It accommodates to show the amount or the fair amount of the noun or a pronoun.  They show, ‘how much a thing is expected.

All, Half, Many, Some, Little, Much, Enough, Etc.

Examples of Adjectives of quantity:

  1. Honey has a little money left in the bank account.
  2. There is some student in the tuition.
  3. Kajal, I have many English books.
  4. Alex, you should bring any type of watch for me.
  5. This is sufficient food for me.

3. Adjectives of numbers

Adjectives of numbers tell us how many things are there. They are used for countable nouns. They show ‘how many  They are used for countable nouns.

All, Many, Several, Six, Some, Second, Tenth, Most.

Examples of Adjectives of Numbers:

  1. She saw several animals in the zoo.
  2. My sister gave me six gifts on my birthday.
  3. The second actor in the movie is the mastermind.
  4. I got the tenth position all over India.
  5. Many people are there at the school’s annual function.

4. Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives tell us about ‘which person’ or ‘things are meant.’ These are words like this, that, and these, those which precede nouns. Demonstrative Adjectives are also known as demonstrative adjectives or possessive demonstrative.

Examples of Demonstrative quality:

  1. These people are from South Africa.
  2. This is my mobile phone.
  3. Those dogs are going back to the ground.
  4. That college building looks so beautiful.
  5. What are these jeans made up of?

5. Interrogatives Adjectives

Interrogative Adjectives are practiced with nouns to ask questions. An interrogative adjective may be a word of wh-type question which is employed to interrogate anything during a sentence. These are the words like which, what, whose, where that are used along with nouns to ask questions.

Examples of Interrogatives Adjectives:

  1. Where you go for a morning walk?
  2. What type of story do you like?
  3. Which cap you will wear?
  4. Whose company is this?
  5. What is the school principal name?

6. Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are placed before a noun or a pronoun during a sentence to precise ownership. A possessive adjective is additionally called a possessive determiner. These are words like our, my, your, its, there and so on Which indicate belonging. They tell us about the thing.

Examples of Possessive Adjectives:

  1. I always share my clothes with you.
  2. Your child’s result is excellent.
  3. We parked our car in the open ground.
  4. Their dance academy is beautiful.
  5. Her mother’s name is Mrs.Rajni.

Adjectives and Degrees of Comparison Class 8

   There are three forms of adjectives quality called degrees of comparison.

  1. Positive Degree: It is the mildest form of adjectives. It is used when there is no differentiation. The positive degree indicates the mere presence of quality. For example,) Michael Alexander is a rich man. (ii) David has a sharp memory.
  2. Comparative Degree: It is utilized to compare two-person or things. For example: (i) Your sister is taller than you. (ii) She is wiser than her brother.
  3. Superlative Degree: It is a free one from all the rest. It is practiced when more than two-person or items are checked. For example (i) Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. (ii) Tiger is the fastest animal.

What Are Some Adjectives to Describe Someone

Elder, older, eldest, oldest: It is used only of a person, not of animals or things.

  1. Later, latter: latest, last:- refer to time
  2. Farther, further: Farther means more distant.
  3. The little, a little, little: little means barely any. A little means some quantity. The little means a small amount.
  4. Nearest, next: Nearest denotes space of distance, while next denotes position.
  5. Less, fewer: Less refers only to quantity. Fewer refers only to numbers.


Underscore the adjectives in the following sentences and name the correct kind of adjectives.

  1. This is not your watch Alex.
  2. Our team went to Goa to playing the famous football tournament.
  3. A Chinese lady was standing in the tenth row.
  4. How much paper did you write in a day?
  5. Which is your favorite dancer.


  1. This – Demonstrative Adjective
  2. Famous – Adjective of Quality
  3. Tenth – Adjectives of numbers
  4. Much – Adjective of quantity
  5. Which – interrogative Adjectives

Fill in the blanks Exercise for Class 8:

(elder, eldest, oldest, latest, last, nearest, next, later, further, or farther)

  1. Please take action without _____ delay.
  2. Her house is _____ to mine.
  3. The _____ woman in the world was 115 years old.
  4. Rubal is _____ than her sister.
  5. My house is ______ to the white building.
  6. This is the _____ building in the colony.
  7. The English newspaper gave me _____ information.
  8. The children were taken to the _____ park.
  9. Our is the _____ house in the street.
  10. Chennai is ______ from Delhi than Patna.


  1. Further
  2. Next
  3. Oldest
  4. Elder
  5. Next
  6. Oldest
  7. Latest
  8. Nearest
  9. Last
  10. Farther

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Adjective for class 8

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