Adjectives for Class 6 

Definition of Adjectives for Class 6: Adjectives are the words that are used to describe the qualities of the noun so it can be said that they are used to modify or specify the noun and limit the meaning of the noun. Some examples of the adjectives are – red, quick, big, etc.

Examples of adjectives:

  1. The boy with brown hair is in our school.
  2. The white cats are so pretty.
  3. Ravi is wearing a beautiful shirt.
  4. Shyam is the tallest boy in our class.
  5. She is the perfect girl for this work.

Types of adjectives for class 6

Adjectives can be classified into several types but we have categorized them into six types according to class 6 that are  –

  1. Qualitative adjectives
  2. Quantitative adjectives
  3. Numeral adjectives
  4. Demonstrative adjectives
  5. Interrogative adjectives
  6. Distributive adjectives

Let us take a look at each one of them and understand them in detail so you can learn the concepts deeply.

1. Qualitative adjectives

Qualitative adjectives are the words that are used to describe the features of a person, place or thing. They are generally used before the noun in a sentence. You can understand them through the examples given below.

Examples of qualitative adjectives:

  1. Rohan is a handsome boy.
  2. I am so hungry.
  3. The chair in my room is very comfortable.
  4. Rajeev is a lucky man.
  5. The “wings of fire” is a very interesting novel.

Worksheet/Exercise on qualitative adjectives for class 6

Let us practice the exercise on qualitative adjectives to build up our concepts.

  1. Raman is ambitious to achieve success in life.
  2. I am eager to watch a movie in a theatre.
  3. Virat Kohli is an aggressive batsman.
  4. Ram is innocent and calm.
  5. I am proud to be an Indian.

1. Ambitious
2. Eager
3. Aggressive
4. Innocent, calm
5. Proud

2. Quantitative adjectives

Quantitative adjectives are the words that are used to measure the quantity, amount of something approximately or exactly. Here are some of the words of quantitative adjectives that are – half, few, whole, first, etc. We can understand them through the examples given below.

Examples of qualitative adjectives:

  1. Shanu ate half of my pizza.
  2. He always comes first in the class.
  3. I don’t have any doubts regarding this project.
  4. There are enough secrets that are unknown to them.
  5. There are most of the boys but few girls in our class.

Worksheet/Exercise on quantitative adjectives for class 6

Let us try to answer the questions based on quantitative adjectives. Find out the quantitative adjectives in the sentences given below.

  1. Not a single student failed an exam.
  2. Many boys are suspended from school for 3 days.
  3. Most of the students didn’t attend online classes.
  4. There are most poor people in India.
  5. I don’t have a sufficient balance in my account.

1. single
2. Many
3. Most
4. Most
5. Sufficient

3. Numeral adjectives

The numeral adjectives are the words that are used to measure the exact number of quantities of the noun. Here are some of the words of numeral adjectives that are – five, 4, first, etc.

Examples of numeral adjectives:

  1. There are four members in our family.
  2. I have secured 75 ranks in JEE Main.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar has hundred centuries in International cricket.
  4. One of them was bald-headed.
  5. One minute has sixty seconds.

Worksheet/Exercise on numeral adjectives for class 6

Let us revise the numeral adjectives by solving questions based on them. Find out the numeral adjectives in a sentence.

  1. Two employees have resigned from the company today.
  2. One of the books was interesting to learn something.
  3. There are only six classrooms in our school.
  4. I have enrolled in 60 days English course.
  5. I have to pay him five dollars.

1. Two
2. One
3. six
4. 60
5. five

4. Demonstrative adjectives

The demonstrative adjectives are the words that are used to identify the relative position of nouns with respect to time or place. Demonstrative adjectives are used before all the adjectives in a sentence. Some examples of demonstrative adjectives are – this, that, these, etc.

Examples of demonstrative adjectives:

  1. I want that toy.
  2. I don’t want to be a part of this play anymore.
  3. This time I am allowing you to enter my class.
  4. I can invest a lot of money in these schemes.
  5. I don’t want to remember that incident.

Worksheet/Exercise on demonstrative adjectives for class 6

Let us practice some questions based on demonstrative adjectives that will enhance your knowledge. Pick out the demonstrative adjectives from the following sentences given below.

  1. Give me that pen.
  2. This is looking more stronger and durable.
  3. I can’t pay at this time because I forgot my wallet.
  4. These are the marbles that I want.
  5. Those boys were very naughty.

1. That
2. This
3. This
4. These
5. Those

5. Interrogative adjectives

The interrogative adjectives are the words that are used to modify the noun by asking a question. An interrogative adjective is similar to interrogative pronouns so don’t confuse them they are quite different from each other because an interrogative adjective can’t stand alone. Let us differentiate interrogative adjectives and interrogative pronouns.

Interrogative pronouns           Interrogative adjectives  
Which is the best? Which toy is the best?
What are you buying? What drinks you are buying?
Whose shall I borrow? Whose shirt shall I borrow?

An interrogative pronoun is used in place of a noun whereas an interrogative adjective is used to modify the noun.

Worksheet/Exercise on interrogative adjectives for class 6

Let us practice the questions of Interrogative adjectives. Find out the interrogative adjectives from the sentences given below.

  1. What fruit it is?
  2. Whose bag was on the last seat?
  3. Which player scored a century in the last match?
  4. What shall I borrow from my brother?
  5. Which topics will be discussed in the meeting?

1. What
2. Whose
3. Which
4. No interrogative adjective
5. Which

6. Distributive adjectives

The distributive adjectives are the words that are used to refer to each and every individual or thing specifically. They are generally used to define a group of people or things as individuals. Some of the words that are used as distributive adjectives are – each, every, neither, both, etc.

Examples of demonstrative adjectives:

  1. Each member of the group will be awarded.
  2. Each one of them can score good marks.
  3. I write an article every day.
  4. I don’t have any money.
  5. Either you buy this or you sell that.

Worksheet/Exercise on distributive adjectives for class 6

Let us revise distributive adjectives by an interesting exercise. Find out the distributive adjectives in the sentences given below.

  1. I don’t want any advice from you.
  2. He is neither going to buy toys for you.
  3. Ravi writes a diary every night.
  4. Each one of them will be punished.
  5. Either you go to attend the meeting or I will.

1. Any
2. Neither
3. Every
4. Each
5. Either

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