Essay on A Scene of an Election Booth

Elections are held in each democratic country after a fixed period. The people elect their representatives. India is a democratic country. Therefore, elections are held here after a period of every five years. Everybody whether male or female who is eighteen or above has the right to cast the vote.

On the day of the actual election, there is a great hustle and bustle at the polling booths. Before the fixed time, the officials reach there. They bring big boxes with them. They fix a placard having the word ‘Entrance’ printed on it at the place from where the people are to enter.

At the fixed time, the voters start pouring in. The officer gives a ballot paper to every voter and gets his signatures. The representatives of all the candidates are there to see that only the genuine people cast their votes. The voter marks a cross on the symbol of the party or the person in whose favor he wants to cast his vote.

As time passes, the helpers of different candidates bring the voters so that they may cast their votes in the favour of their candidate.

In the afternoon, the polling is stopped for some time for lunch. Then, it is started again. By this time, a large number of voters stand in a queue. The casting of votes continues until a fixed time.

In the evening, the sealed boxes are taken to a particular place where the counting is to be done.

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Essay on A Scene of an Election Booth PDF

Essay on A Scene of an Election Booth
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